maandag 5 april 2010

First nights with Lilly

During the day she likes to takes naps on our laps but lucky us during the nights she is sleeping in her bench and she doesn't make a sound.
And when you come down in the morning you see a very happy little puppy and she greets us with so much enthousiasm that it brings tears to my eyes (yes ok I am a softy I know)

She is exploring the house a like a madman and she bites on our hands like we have chickenwings instead of fingers.
She runs back and forth with her toys and and I cannot take my eyes off her,and I better not before you know it she is knibbling on something she is not supposed to knibble on ;-)
I feel like a new mom with a new born baby,is that weird?

Thanks for visiting everybody and have a great day,the sun is shining overhere!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. ohhhhhhhhh wat een schatje is Lilly, en ik wens julle heel veel geluk met dit prachtige hondje.

    groetjes Ilonka

  2. Wat een lieverdje ...stuur haar even op ja....dan kan ik ook eventjes lekker knuffelen...hahahah!!


  3. Hi Vera, no it is not weird, it shows you are a loving person. What a gorgeous little puppy you have. Is that your daughter in the pic? She is lovely too. Enjoy her. Hugs Sharon



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