vrijdag 24 april 2009

My very own clear stamps!

I am sooo excited! In the near future my designs will turn into clear stamps!
A dream come true :)
This is one of the designs that will become a clear stamp. I will keep you all posted and as soon as they are ready to be sold,I will add a link to the shop here.
Would you like to see more of my work? Go here

woensdag 22 april 2009

Derwent pencils

There are several kinds of Derwent pencils,the color soft and the inktense for example. The inktense you can use with water and terpentine and the color soft with terpentine.

The inktense colors are very vibrant and full of pigment as soon as you start using them with water. Using them with terpentine gives a more soft end result. I think I prefer the inktense pencils and using water but on a stamp the less water is better and with these koi brushes you easily use to much water.
The downside with terpentine is that you erase also the stamp lines so it gives a dirty look on your stamp. Perhaps I used too much terpentine?

zondag 19 april 2009

Laaf stamp

Today I was looking through my stamps and saw one from a couple of years ago.

Laaf was quite famous back then,and the idea came from this amusement park called De Efteling.
I bought a new brush from Koi to color this stamp with my brandnew Derwent pencils .

I used simply water,the koi brush has a small container for water. However the amount of water is a little bit too much so I am going to try terpentine next time.
But I am happy with the result :)

zaterdag 11 april 2009

Color stamps

How do you color your stamps? I used all kinds of things and my favorite thus far has been chalks, chalks are wonderful because they blend very nicely and it gives a lovely powder effect!

Also watercolor paint but the paint is often too wet so I decided to buy me some new pencils instead!

These pencils are from Derwent I hope to receive them this week so I can start using them. I would love to get some replies from the pro's so don't be shy :)

dinsdag 7 april 2009

Graphics for scrap cards

When you sign up for a membership hundreds of graphics files are waiting for you,they are so cute to use for scrapbooking or making cards for example.

Working on rubberstamps

Heartland Creek Graphics is going in a new direction, I am currently busy working on graphics to make clearstamps out of.
This is for me a very exciting event as you can imagine and I will keep you all posted!
Heartland Creek Graphics - http://www.hcgraphics.nl


Heartland Creek Graphics