zaterdag 29 mei 2010

Digistamps and more

A brandnew digistamp has been added to mu website,you can find the stamps here you need to scroll down a bit for this particular one. I sell the stamps for $0,85,a bargain compairing to other digi sites!
Oh and there is more! The Heartland Creek dream team have been creating new cards and you can see them here! Go see they are so cute :)
Have a great weekend everybody!

donderdag 29 april 2010

Roses digital stamp

Another free digital stamp. Click on the image to get the larger version.
Have fun :)


dinsdag 27 april 2010

Free Digi stamp

Click on the image to see the larger version of this freebie.
Feel free to download and use it.
Have fun :)

More here and visit here my Dream Team,have a great day everybody!

vrijdag 23 april 2010

Freebie digi

Hello everybody on this beautiful spring day.
I have a couple of digi words for you,they are free. Click on the image and save it to your pc.
Have fun!


zondag 11 april 2010

Magnolia,nee geen stempel maar een boom :)

Wat een kleuren he?

De lente begint heel voorzichtig haar gezicht te laten zien en deze Magnolia boom was ik eigenlijk van plan eruit te trekken en bij mijn ouders in de tuin te planten omdat hij altijd maar 3 bloemen gaf en een heleboel blad.

Tot mijn grote verbazing dit seizoen zag ik een hele bubs van die knoppen en was ik diep in mijn hart erg blij dat ik de boom er nog niet had uitgetrokken.

Moet je kijken wat een moois!

vrijdag 9 april 2010

Another Birthday card

My sister in law celebrated her birthday and I thought it might be fun to stitch the card,so I did with silver thread. The flowers were stamped.

The butterflies were made with the Slice Machine. I have used the patterned paper for the butterflies and cut them out in 2 sizes.

Thank you for visiting and leaving your comments,it is always so great to read!


woensdag 7 april 2010

Magnolia Birthday card

Good morning all!
I have used for this card a Magnolia stamp,forgot the name of the paper,I should write it down before blogging haha.
The stars were made with the Slice Machine,still love that thing! I have used also distress ink for the edges.
Hope you like it.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


maandag 5 april 2010

First nights with Lilly

During the day she likes to takes naps on our laps but lucky us during the nights she is sleeping in her bench and she doesn't make a sound.
And when you come down in the morning you see a very happy little puppy and she greets us with so much enthousiasm that it brings tears to my eyes (yes ok I am a softy I know)

She is exploring the house a like a madman and she bites on our hands like we have chickenwings instead of fingers.
She runs back and forth with her toys and and I cannot take my eyes off her,and I better not before you know it she is knibbling on something she is not supposed to knibble on ;-)
I feel like a new mom with a new born baby,is that weird?

Thanks for visiting everybody and have a great day,the sun is shining overhere!

zondag 4 april 2010

Lilly, Cavalier King Charles

Isn't she lovely? We picked up our newest family member today and we are so smitten!

Her name is Lilly and she is 10 weeks old now.

zaterdag 3 april 2010

Card for my uncle ( Victorian style)

It has been a while since I have posted something,my camera had issues and it is fixed now :)
This card is made for my uncle who was diagnosed with cancer. I thought this angel was the perfect image for him.
The card was white but I have mixed some cats eye and sponged the edges so it became the color of the image,blue/greenish.

Have a great Easter everyone and thank you for visiting :)

maandag 22 maart 2010

New digi stamps

I have added brand new digi stamps to my main site. Members of my Dream Team get these to work with :)

vrijdag 12 maart 2010

Grand Opening!

I am so pleased to announce the grand openening of my Dream Team!
These girls have made such beautiful creations using my digital stamps, I am so very proud!
Please go see what they have made :-)

A very happy Vera

dinsdag 9 maart 2010

Digi stamps

Working hard on new digi's at the moment and here is a sneakpeak.
My Dream Team gets this one to work with :)
Have a wonderful day everybody and are you wishing for Spring as much as I do??

Vera :)

woensdag 3 maart 2010

Daisy Mae digital stamp

A brand new Daisy Mae digital stamp. The stamps are $0,85 a piece and really easy to use.
If you have questions how to use them feel free to email me.

Vera :)

dinsdag 2 maart 2010

Heartland Creek Dream Team

Oh I have such good news!
Mery has started a brandnew dream team blog,these great women are going to use my digital stamps and create cards with the images. I am soo looking forward to this.
So feel free to become a follower there and see what can be made out of my digital stamps.

The dreamtem blog will start soon!

donderdag 18 februari 2010

New digi stamp

A brandnew digi stamp today for just $ 0,85.
These are easy to print out and you can use it over and over.

maandag 15 februari 2010

Magnolia card

Hello everybody,

I must tell you I am having so much fun with the slice machine,and here is my first card I made with it.
I cutout a circle in the card first and then a litter bigger circle in my paper and added it onto the card. I cut out 2 different sizes hearts and glued them to the card.
On the inside I have a Magnolia stamp,colored her with my Derwent and cutout some photocorners :)

vrijdag 12 februari 2010

Slice Machine

I have an early birthday it seems,it is not February 28th yet but my husband bought me a Slice Machine from Making Memories and it is awesome!
It also has an embossing thingy,but I have not figured that one out yet. I thought I wanted the Cuttle bug but this is soo much better.

It has been a bit quiet here,I had so much on my mind but this day I have the house to myself and it is peacefull and quiet :)
Have a great day everybody and to all visitors,thank you for stopping by!

Big hugs,

dinsdag 2 februari 2010


Van Corrie deze award gekregen,dank je wel Corrie!
En nou is het de bedoeling dat ik bij deze award 7 dingen noem waar ik blij en vrolijk van wordt.

1 Ik word blij van mijn 3 prachtige kinderen
2 Ik geniet enorm van het lezen van een mooi boek
3 Ik word blij van mezelf omdat ik zie dat ik zoveel meer kan dan ik had verwacht.
4 Ik word blij van de hulp en steun die ik altijd van mijn lief krijg
5 Ik word vrolijk van lekker kaartjes maken in mijn eigen kamertje.
6 Ik word enorm vrolijk als ik geld te spenderen heb aan hobby spulletjes
7 Ik word blij als ik zie dat er nog vele goede mensen op onze aardbol rondlopen die goed zijn voor elkaar.

Ik mag deze award doorgeven aan Mery :)

donderdag 28 januari 2010

Valentine card

A close up,the tiny flowers have some glitter glue dots :)

Thanks for visiting..

maandag 25 januari 2010

Butterfly bear card :)

I have had a lot of fun creating this card,it is a cheery one,and I like cheery cards :)
A close up ,a bit blurry sorry. I have colored this digital stamp with my Derwent pencils and when I was done coloring I cut him out and added 3d tape and placed him on the card.
I have bought a bag filled with cute buttons a while ago and I am having so much fun using these :)

Easter card

Good day to you all,I decided to make a new Easter card,I wasn't too happy how the other one turned outI think this one is better what do you think?
For the flowers here below I have used a ready made flower and made one on top of it using the flower punch and added a tiny button to it.

donderdag 21 januari 2010

Free digi image

Another new digi image,this one is for free :)
When you use this image please let your bloggers know where you have found the image ok?
That is all I ask :)
Have a great day and I wish you lots of fun creating.

Big hugs,

dinsdag 19 januari 2010

Valentine Digi stamp

A brand new digistamp people :)
It has been quiet overhere,I had some personal things that needed my attention but I am back ( I hope) and will visit you all soon!

donderdag 7 januari 2010

Easter card

Hello dearest visitors,
I am working on a new set of digital stamps,Easter and Valentine. And here is the first :)

Colored the stamp with my Derwent pencils,and gave the flowers a thick gluedot in the middle.
Hope you like it,have a great evening all!~



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