zaterdag 19 december 2009

Winter in Holland

Not my home :) A mansion in a village close by..
The picture below is from our garden
Not a card today but an winter scene from my area in Holland.

Isn't this lovely?
Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi huisje Vera...hahaha....

    Wat een mooooie foto...prachtig de sneeuw!

  2. Oh my gosh Vera, your house looks like a mansion, but an absolutely beautiful picture, thanks so much for sharing. I love looking at these pics, they look as if they come from a picture book. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for your friendship this past year and your visits, kind comments, etc. Hope to keep in touch as we enter the new year. Love and blessings, Sharon xx

  3. Wat een prachtige foto,s Vera.

    Liefs Riet.

  4. Hello again Vera, there is something on my blog for you to collect. Enjoy! Hugs Sharon

  5. Hello Vera. I love the snow picturews, it looks beautiful in your area. We too are having quite heavy snow at the moment and it is very dark too.
    I have just become a follower on your blog, I found you through visiting Sharons blog. I will pop back and visit everyday. Take care and have a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year.
    Love Sandra xx

  6. Sharon dearest friend,this is not my house..I wish :)
    No it is a mansion in our neighbourhood,but it sure is beautiful! I am going to hop over to your blog and see what you have there,I am really curious!




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